Welcome to UKAMS, specialists in direct response, lead generation and new customer acquisition


The full service ad agency with over 20 years experience of creating winning campaigns



UKAMS offer a complete media planning and buying service. Our expert media planners draw upon not only the very latest media research but also over 20 years of direct marketing experience. But the job does not stop once the media has been planned and bought; detailed post campaign analysis is essential to understanding how the profitable marketing of a product or service can be progressed.



In recent years the insert market has expanded considerably. Whilst skilled planning and buying are essential, the success of any insert campaign depends as much on how well it is managed as to how well it is bought. UKAMS has planned, bought and managed some of the largest press insert campaigns and has procedures in place to ensure accurate, timely and trouble-free distribution.



UKAMS began working with US companies to help them export their winning formula for DRTV to the UK some 20 years ago. We have been at the forefront of DRTV developments in the UK ever since. UKAMS has created and tested hundreds of short form TV commercials and the key to our success in this area is total campaign management. From script-writing and copy clearance through to post campaign analysis we bring together the creative process, the media planning and buying process and crucially the telemarketing and response management.


In recent years the use of radio as a direct response medium has become increasingly viable as long and complicated phone numbers have been replaced with easily remembered text short codes and web addresses. UKAMS have created a number of highly successful national radio campaigns which have delivered similar ROIs to those achieved in press and on TV.


At last the web has progressed from being simply an order processing system to a means of generating new sales. Not only is it the most cost effective way of communicating with existing customers but CPA models make it the lowest risk route to acquiring new customers.  Working closely with our partners at Agency3 we have created a significant new sales channel for our clients.